Anca Cernoschi

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Anca Cernoschi. Fotograf roman. Timisoara. Licentiata in arte decorative si fotografie. Specializata in portret si nud.Participa la numeroase expozitii si are aparitii in publicatii interne si internationale.
http://ancacernoschi.blogspot.com/ – desemnat cel mai bun blog de fotografie de nud, in 2010.

Mi s-a spus de nenumarate ori ca “se simte mana de femeie” in lucrarile mele. Aceasta se intampla mai ales cu portretele-nud, intime, auto-portretele, nudurile sugerate, fotografiile erotice, cele care erau frumoase, estetice, unde modelului i se creaza cadrul ideal pentru a fi pus in valoare si lasat sa isi spuna povestea. In aceste tipuri de nud femeile-fotograf pot avea un avantaj, acela ca modelul se simte mai in largul sau dar aceasta este una dintre putinele diferente, relatia model-fotograf fiind esentiala aici.

Din contra, in celelalte tipuri de nud, aportul modelului in crearea cadrului scade, mai ales in cele abstracte, conceptuale, sculpturale, corp vs. natura, viziunea fotografului este esentiala, aici devin aproape insesizabile diferentele intre cele doua sexe, poate doar in abordarea temelor.

Ma atrag ambele categorii mari de nud, le abordez in paralel, prima datorita apropierii de oameni, descoperirii lor, interactiunii cu ei, fiind in mod constant si un test pentru mine; iar a doua pentru ca necesita mereu o evolutie, un studiu al artei si nu numai, fiind un alt fel de test.


Cristina Matei

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Cristina Matei este castigatoarea primei editii a concursului de fotografie care se desfasoara pe Grupul Fotografilor Romani de Pretutindeni.

Cristina Matei (n. 12 iulie 1992, Pitesti). Fotograf roman.
Cristina Matei – portofoliu


Dan Mititelu

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Dan Mititelul (n. 1959, Iasi). Unul din cei mai mari fotografi romani. Specializat in fotografie artistica, eseu, fotojurnalism. Profesor de fotografie la Clubul Fotografilor din Iasi.
Site: http://dan-mititelu.ro/alternative
61 de articole ilustrate: http://dan-mititelu.ro/semne

Inainte de `89, si dupa, o vreme, Dan Mititelu a ilustrat Opinia Studenteasca cu lucrari fulminante, fara egal de atunci in presa romaneasca, strecurate printr-o incredibila lucratura prin cenzura acelor ani; si azi, acele imagini pot fara indoiala constitui o lucrare fundamentala in istoria fotografiei romanesti.
Numai pentru acele lucrari de atunci, si ar merita sa fie considerat printre cei mai mari fotografi din estul Europei. (fragment din articolul Scoala de la Iasi – Dan Mititelu, semnat de Dinu Lazar)



Madalina Iordache-Levay (n. 19 iunie 1982). Fotograf roman. Stabilita in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Specializata in fine-arts, fotografie si prelucrare digitala a imaginilor, web-design.
site: http://madyiordache.com/

I am a journalist turned photographer, turned digital artist, turned graphic designer. I design for print and web, I create surreal fine art photography and I write graphic design articles and photoshop tutorials. Hence – I am a creative person full of curiosity, ideas and love for everything image related.

My images start and end as photographs. Each image is composed of many photographs, combined to create a picture that is no documentary recording, but a frame in a story, a snapshot of an image lit by imagination, by memory, by thought. I am using modern techniques (computer processing) to achieve these results, some of which are similar to darkroom processes, others – with cutting and pasting for collating, and others – with painting and drawing. Each image is sketched, researched and planed in detail before shooting. The postprocessing is a long phase that takes much skill, determination and energy. Each image may take anything from several weeks to months from concept to final details.


Natalia Ciobanu (n. 18.01.1989). Fotograf Roman. Locuieste in Chisinau, Basarabia. Specializata in fine-arts, fotografie artistica, prelucrare digitala a imaginii.
Facebook: Natalia Ciobanu

I was born in Moldova in1989. I have always been interested in people around me. Most of all I like eyes and hands of people, because in them it is possible to read all life of a person, to learn every side of his character. Photography became my hobby in youth and the way to express myself, to discover my soul and to understand the people surrounding me.I got my first SLR camera Canon Rebel XTi (400 d) in December, 2008, so I began to take photos, mostly portraits.
In summer 2008, I won two Moldavian photo contests and I was awarded a remarkable trip to a beautiful city of Lviv, UkraineIn January, 2009 I became finalist of the European photo contest called Through Their Eyes organized by Karat Coalition. It was my first victory. And in February, 2010 I got my first publication in Amateur Photographer magazine (UK), which I waited for so long.

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