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Floriana Barbu. Fotograf roman. Nascuta in 2 februarie 1965. Locuieste in Deva. Specializata in fine-arts: fotografie artistica, prelucrare digitala a imaginilor, grafician 3D, editor video.
portofoliu: Floriana Barbu/photo.net
portofoliu: Floriana Barbu/Getty Images

Floriana Barbu. “I live and work in Deva, Transilvania, Romania.
I have a university degree, I graduated from the Politechnic University as an energetics engineer, but I have worked not one single day as an engineer.
I had had all kinds of jobs until 3D software was invented. I have been working as a graphic designer for twelve years. Five years ago I got a small compact Kodak camera as a gift from my husband and I have been working as a photographer ever since. Photography ranks first among the things I enjoy doing.
For the time being, I am working with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera.
I have two kinds of works: photos that I do not edit in Photoshop or I edit very little and photos that I edit quite a lot, I make some sort of a digital collage using several photos and pictures that I paint digitally.
Sometimes I paint my photos by hand.
In my photos or in my digital collages, I like creating a certain atmosphere, which I can imagine and feel before I start working. If I manage to get close to what I wanted, I am satisfied.”


Vlad Dumitrescu. Fotograf roman. Brasov. Pasionat de viata si traditiile satului romanesc.

Site: http://vlad-dumitrescu.blogspot.com/

Portofoliu: Vlad Dumitrescu / 1x.com

An introduction of my work should start with a short description of Romania. The magic of this country, lies in its landscapes and in its warm people that are living in villages from very close to the sea to the heart of the mountains. Every region has its own specific habits and its own stories, witch are making together the beautiful book, called – Romania. Every season is turning slowly page by page from this book, over and over again, for thousands of years. You can still find in these villages carts run by oxen, people working at the looms or in the fields with horses.
I must say that I am very lucky to live in this country, but at the same time, I am sorry to see that day by day something is changing as the modernism is cutting deeper and deeper in our old traditions.
My aim is to find during my walks up and down and around the hills, valleys and villages of Romania, old people and forgotten habits and try to bring back into present something that was lost in the past. The Romanian village is my main motive because I love it s people and it s habits and because I see it dying.
As I have a job that keeps me occupied during the week, my photographic work untill now was put up together during weekends and during the short holidays that I had since I started photography.
And, because I love stories, here are some stories made here, in Romania. Hope you like them!

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