Madalina Iordache-Levay (n. 19 iunie 1982). Fotograf roman. Stabilita in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Specializata in fine-arts, fotografie si prelucrare digitala a imaginilor, web-design.
site: http://madyiordache.com/

I am a journalist turned photographer, turned digital artist, turned graphic designer. I design for print and web, I create surreal fine art photography and I write graphic design articles and photoshop tutorials. Hence – I am a creative person full of curiosity, ideas and love for everything image related.

My images start and end as photographs. Each image is composed of many photographs, combined to create a picture that is no documentary recording, but a frame in a story, a snapshot of an image lit by imagination, by memory, by thought. I am using modern techniques (computer processing) to achieve these results, some of which are similar to darkroom processes, others – with cutting and pasting for collating, and others – with painting and drawing. Each image is sketched, researched and planed in detail before shooting. The postprocessing is a long phase that takes much skill, determination and energy. Each image may take anything from several weeks to months from concept to final details.

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